Stewart Street Development Update

Moreland Council has notified CERES and surrounding residents and owners that there is a new application for redevelopment of the privately-owned parcel of land at 269 Stewart Street, immediately beside CERES’ main entrance at the eastern end of Stewart Street. CERES Board resolved to lodge a formal objection, reflecting its’ concerns regarding the potential adverse impacts upon our Park.

Proposal in Summary:

  • Still 6 storeys high, and even taller than the refused proposal.
  • 75 apartments (over triple the density of the apartments immediately to the west.)
  • Shop(s) fronting Stewart Street with a forecourt set-back (& keeping 3 gum trees).
  • Over 100 basement car parks (many of these in ‘stackers’) generating 300+ vehicle movements per day using a cross-over ramp at the corner of Roberts Street near CERES main entrance.

More details about this application may be found on the Moreland Council website (instructions on how to find it below).

Reasons that CERES objected:

  • This proposal does not respond sensitively to its context, the primary message in VCAT’s 2017 refusal. It is incongruous to the established urban scale and character, and insensitive to the abutting Merri Creek Valley open space corridor, of which CERES is an important element.
  • The scale of development is inconsistent with Council policies and strategies for this land. Council has confirmed that the site is well outside any area designated for intensive development. Policy support for up to 4-storey development on this land was discontinued by 2014.
  • Housing in the surrounding area is recently established and on small land parcels, so unlikely to change in character for many decades, so this project would remain an incongruous intrusion.
  • The proposed vehicle access may create a traffic and safety hazard at the corner of Roberts and Stewart Streets, and CERES main entrance. It would also conflict the high pedestrian and cycle traffic along Stewart Street.
  • CERES supports retention of the established trees along Stewart Street. Difficulties identifying a suitable location for vehicle access demonstrates a further constraint on the capacity of this site.
  • Intrusion upon CERES and the Merri Creek open space corridor.

How to object:

Should you wish to object to this proposal, either to support CERES in fighting this threat, or to express your own concerns about the impacts of this proposal, you may do so.

Objections should be lodged as soon as possible to ensure they influence consideration of this issue, but THERE IS NO ‘CLOSING DATE’ for objections up until a decision is made.

Submitting objections through the Planning Alerts website may not be reliable, so please lodge them directly with Council.

You may also wish to inform Councillors of your concerns, as the decision on this application may be considered by the Urban Planning Committee as well as planning officers.

Options for objecting are:

  • An on-line objection through Council’s website:
  • A written objection mailed to Council: Locked Bag 10, Moreland 3058

For all methods you must include: Planning permit application number (MPS/2018/157); Site address for the proposed development (269 Stewart Street, Brunswick East); Your name, address and telephone number; Your reasons for the objection.

Your objection will become a public document and this must be considered. Being an objector entitles you to be a party to any VCAT review that may follow the decision.

A neighbourhood action group is also concerned by this proposal. Their Facebook Page is found here.

Should you wish to share your concerns with local Councillors, they can be contacted via email at the following addresses:

South Ward Councillors
Cr Jess Dorney –
Cr Mark Riley –
Cr Lambros Tapinos –

Mayor: Cr John Kavanagh –
Deputy Mayor: Cr Natalie Abboud –

Other Councillors
Cr Sue Bolton –
Cr Annalivia Carli-Hannan –
Cr Ali Erfanli –
Cr Helen Davidson –
Cr Dale Martin –
Cr Oscar Yildiz –


Copy of CERES’ objection to the application (PDF)

Full Application by Proponent (link to Council website)

  1. Click on “Planning Permit Applications Being Advertised”
  2. Scroll to the bottom to find the SEARCH button, and then put in 269 Stewart Street.
  3. Once the planning application comes up, click on the planning application number to see all the details of the application.
  4. Scroll to the bottom to find the OBJECT button.

Community Action Group (link to Facebook Page)

Applicants photo montage of building as seen from within CERES. A view with landscaping is also provided.

Applicant’s photo montage of building as seen from within CERES. (A view with landscaping is also provided).

South Elevation from Stewart Street

South Elevation from Stewart Street.

Proposal as seen from CERES, from permit application

Proposal as seen from CERES (from permit application).

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