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Student Internship Opportunities

CERES Global are offering a number of internship places in 2020 for post & undergrad university students. As a requirement of the internship, students will join us on one of our socio-environmental cross cultural journeys.  The internship will involve pre-departure, in-country, and post-trip activities. Get in touch with us to find out how your university can support you through funding opportunities.

In designing your specific internship, we encourage you to contact CERES Global and we can meet to explore your study interests and skill set to ensure you’re gaining the most from the experience, and that you’re adding real value to the program partners and beneficiaries.

Price and Funding Options

In country costs are around $1250 per week and include all food, accommodation,transport and community engagements.

Contact your study abroad office to find out about travel grants, OS-HELP loans and NCP funding.

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Contact us:

(03) 9389 0183

CERES Global is the international outreach program of the not-for-profit CERES Community Environment Park. We are a Social enterprise with a passion for designing and facilitating group journeys into new cultural settings with the intent of creating a space of mutual learning and the exchange of ideas. Each year we organise trips to over 9 destinations and we welcome anyone to join us.

All trips run at cost price. Fees include meals, accommodation, transport, community & ongoing project contributions, facilitator support, carbon offsets, pre-trip preparations and administration. It does not include flights, visas and items of a personal nature.

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CERES Global travel to various communities, and in doing so identify partners and community groups with which we hope to develop a connection. Returning annually, sharing our stories and experiences, we are able to develop rapport and understanding, and build long term meaningful friendships. With these friendships and ongoing connection, we find we are able to have a greater impact, contributing to a more cohesive global community, and address social and environmental challenges from a position of equality.
After a number of visits to a particular community, it is often the case that through community dialogue and engagement, an opportunity to work together on a project or activity is identified. CERES Global recognise that the activity must be community driven, seeking to work alongside the community, intending to overcome a social or environmental challenge. Based on the requirements of a particular project, CERES Global will recruit participants with a relevant skill set to the project, and in certain circumstances seek funding to meet the costs of undertaking the project. Often it is the CERES Global participants who will lead the way in establishing and playing an ongoing role in completing projects with the community.