21 03, 2018

Philosophy behind a bi-lingual, bi-cultural school in Arnhem Land

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Mäpuru is the small and remote homeland community in east Arnhem Land that we visit twice a year on our weaving and living on country programs run by CERES Global. The school at Mäpuru recently became part of Yirralka Education, an entity that enables Mäpuru families, elders and custodians to govern their own educational programs [...]

3 08, 2016

Living on Country in Arnhem Land

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This poem was written by Darcy Neave, a participant on the CERES Global Arnhem Land Living on Country Workshop. There is magic in this place In this Faraway Land, Where the sun burns hot In the deep red sand; There is magic in the waters Where the Barramundi swim, Surrender to the magic wawa, Let [...]

27 07, 2016

Rethinking Approaches to Development and Sustainability

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I was recently asked by one of our participants who travelled with us on our Permaculture design Course in Timor to participate in a number of research questions related to his studies. The key questions were: How do you see the role of sustainability in the future practice of community development? How should someone interested [...]