24 07, 2017

CERES Food Forest

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Over 10 years ago, our Food Forest area was a series of paddocks that had been home at different times to chooks, goats, bees, pigs, cows and sheep. During this time we ran an active animal management program and provided an opportunity for visiting school children to engage with the animals and learn more [...]

24 05, 2016

Edible Gardens

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Ed Lagzdin has been involved with the LETS community at CERES for many years. He recently contributed this article to a local paper and it has some great info about edible gardens. It's essentially a book review of Edible Gardens - A Practical Guide by Craig Castree, but Ed has useful pointers for backyard growers. [...]

9 03, 2016

Planting a bee friendly garden

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Our resident bee expert, Benedict Hughes from The Practical Beekeeper has a lot of great tips for keeping backyard bees and also simple planting guidelines for attracting these wonderful striped pollinators to your garden. Even if you're not inclined at this stage to keep your own hives, there are a few things you might like to keep in [...]

20 10, 2014

The man who honey coated Melbourne

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Lyndon Fenlon from the Urban Honey Co wrote an email the other day and it just blew me away (that's Lyndon in the middle delivering hives to the Rialto on his beekeeper's bike) . He announced that he was closing the Urban Honey Co he'd founded and was heading out to start anew in East [...]