21 03, 2019

CERES in March – Bewilderment and being wild

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Bewilderment, aka “Be Wild” bewilderment, n. confusion resulting from failure to understand People experience bewilderment when they are so utterly baffled by the situation at hand, they enter into a state of complete mystification. The word is a combination of the words be, "exist," and wilder, "lead astray or lure into the wilds." Being [...]

3 12, 2018

No time not to use the regular plates

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On Friday I went with my sons and several thousand other Victorian children to the steps of the Treasury Museum for the Students Strike For Climate Change.  From a respectful (non-embarrassing) distance it was thrilling to watch the crowd of young faces welcoming waves of student comrades sweeping across Spring Street to join them [...]

7 11, 2018

New Solar Projects More Than Double Our Generating Capacity

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On Friday 2 November, we completed our third installation of new solar at CERES. With panels on the Merri Table Cafe, the Human Powered Classroom and the Grocery & Chook Shed, this is an additional 45kW of generating potential - more than doubling our previously existing solar infrastructure at Brunswick East! Details Human Powered [...]

3 11, 2018

CERES in November – Solar panels and food

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If you fly a drone camera above CERES today, you will see a sea of sparkling solar panels covering our rooftops. The latest additions to our solar projects are thanks to John Laing Charitable Trust, and CORENA who supported us with an interest free loan, to be repaid from savings on power bills. When you’re drinking your [...]

31 10, 2018

Zero Emissions All Electric EcoHouse

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On Tuesday 9th October, we celebrated the journey to become all-electric in our energy efficiency demonstration home: the CERES Zero Emissions EcoHouse. The EcoHouse was transported to CERES in 1982 and was retrofitted to demonstrate energy efficient design and early solar technology. In its time at [...]

6 04, 2017

The Great Turning

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In Melbourne this week the turning of the season has properly arrived with cool nights, shorter days and the dreaded turning back of clocks. If you were lucky you might have escaped the city and seen a basking wombat, which is what this season is famous for according to the Kulin People. This little [...]

18 10, 2016

Meeting the Herb Whisperer: Permaculture Principles and Chinese Traditional Medicine

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“Nowadays, the modern medical model is changing. It is gradually shifting from its original medical model of biomedicine into a physiological–psychological–sociological–medical model, which emphasizes that the people, the natural environment, ecological conditions and society are all aspects of a united whole.” (Liu and Liu, 2009, p. vii). Cultivating a holistic environmental politics and regenerative sustainability [...]

7 03, 2016

CERES and the Sustainable Living Festival 2016

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  We were excited to contribute to the Sustainable Living Festival Big Weekend this year in February at Federation Square. We packed up our solar powered electric vehicle with educational energy gizmos, flyers, posters, banners, chook t-shirts, passion and a big crate of organic apples from CERES Fair Food. Without any bias I thought CERES was [...]