So I’m Ben, and I’m pretty sure I have the #bestjobintheworld.

It’s true; CERES Global is all about engaging some of the most amazing communities on our planet, with our own local group of passionate, diverse, amazing individuals. As the coordinator, my job is to facilitate the meeting of communities, and the sharing of ideas.

There we are, in the slums of Mumbai, in the remote Mapuru community of Arnhem Land, or in the Timorese hills; two communities, equally fascinated by one another, learning, sharing, laughing, and understanding other ways of living. Experiences that none of us ever forget, and relationships that we cherish long after we carry on with our lives, all a little richer.









It’s the cross cultural connections that are the essence of CERES Global. Having only shared a few moments together, we’re forever conscious of other ways of being, of different communities, with different stories, and different challenges. Even when we’re home, we continue to communicate with those we’ve met, sharing ideas, sharing our stories, meeting challenges. We often re meet, and sometimes we all work together to enhance our lives a little further.








If you’re passionate about an issue, or fascinated by a community, we can build an engagement around that. It’s all about harnessing our energy, working together, embarking on a journey, and sharing our stories. What is it that you love about this earth? Which ways of life are you fascinated by? What knowledge and experience do you have that might enrich someone else’s life?