Member Update September 2019

Encouragingly, the Roman goddesses are gathering.

Last week, two powerful goddesses of Courage, Wisdom and Childbirth – let’s call them Minerva and Diana – took the form of two local women and brought more than LXXX (80) people out to the Home of Ceres, goddess of Agriculture.

Minerva’s husband set up vital tools for this Assembly of The People, while she breastfed her youngest child and encouraged her elder child to help with the chairs. Diana was moving fast and efficiently, straight from her day job, to set up the Arena and speak to the crowd.

The room filled rapidly, extra chairs were brought, The People voted for mood lighting. The clicker for the data projector failed. The People were patient. The Presentation began.

The People knew what to expect, and were not disappointed. They were a crowd united behind The Science, and as Diana and Minerva shared The Strategy, The People nodded in agreement, and were given courage. Seeing the truth of the situation, and feeling the power they had together, many of The People quietly and humbly pledged to sacrifice themselves for the good of our common home. And as one, The Arena swore to stand with the goddesses and Rebel for Life.


We live in dark times. As the world literally burns, it is going to take great courage and sacrifice to overcome the obstacles we face. Times like these need the power of great stories to help us know what to do. And almost every great archetypal story we hear, whether it’s embedded in religious texts, indigenous oral traditions, or great novels – all teach that courage beats great power. That love leads people to risk their own lives to protect something or someone else.

Join the goddesses and gods in the uprising of the new story:

School Strike 4 Climate: 20 September

Extinction Rebellion Week of Action: 7 October

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