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Design Development Volunteering Position Description

Background: CERES is a constantly emerging entity in terms of its community, demands on the site and new areas we prioritise to explore. There are many ideas at CERES that need to be developed into concept plans and eventually implementation plans which will often need to go through an external regulatory process. Design briefs will include landscape design, building renovations, infrastructure development. Plans developed may also be the basis of grant submissions.

Supervisor: Nick Curmi

Team: Habitat

Some of the projects presently requiring design development include:

  • Outdoor cinema screen venue
  • Renovation and redesign of several buildings
  • Landscape design projects
  • Documentation of existing projects

Specific Tasks & Duties

  • Meeting with a variety of CERES site users to undertake a needs analysis
  • Identify site constraints
  • Identify external regulatory commitments i.e. planning, building, environmental health
  • Design development in a form that can be projected for group consultation e.g. CAD, Sketchup
  • Record and respond to feed back
  • Plans appropriate for council submission


This role is design development with the intention to eventually implement. Designs will often require innovative lateral thinking demonstrating our community pathway forward. Challenges will be how to achieve physical outcomes on a limited budget in the most environmentally respectful way.

This position is an ideal stepping stone for graduates looking for some real experience to add to their folio for potential employers and committed designers wanting to design prioritising community and the environment not for profit. This is an opportunity to meet like minded people in the environmental field.

Training will be on-the-job. You can expect to be introduced to the CERES decision making processes, design development- including consultation and presentation methods that assist group decision making.

Times / Days: Mondays 10-3pm

Commitment Required
Project design development will require a minimum 3 month commitment to allow basic steps of consultation and design development to achieve a potential outcome.

Skills / Experience

  • Skills in drawing detailed scale plans
  • Ability to use CAD computer software for design development
  • Or appropriate software for documentation roles
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Ability to respond to criticism and develop designs in response to feedback


  • Qualification in either architecture, design or engineering discipline
  • Experience in design consultation, drafting plans and/ or report writing

Personal Qualities

  • Commitment to sustainable design principles
  • Commitment to CERES values and code of behaviour
  • Able to work within a team
  • Reliable and consistent
  • Polite and clear inter-personal communication skills.