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Playspace Communications Volunteer


CERES is thrilled to announce that we have received financial support from the Pick my Project fund to build a new playspace at the centre of our 4.5 hectare park. Over the next 2 years we are going to revitalize the area of the existing playground (near the old cafe) and create a playspace to be enjoyed by all.

Supervisor: Nick Curmi
Team: The Habitat Team


This role will communicate the journey of what we hope to be the most unique playspace in Melbourne, to the CERES community, our partners and the general public. This communication will be vital in engaging our CERES community to participate in the design and build of the space.


  • Participate in playspace monthly meetings, working bees, design days etc and write articles, blogs or assist in developing podcasts for a variety of media.
  • Assist in the updating of communication collateral such as brochures, signage and flyers
  • Assist in preparing resources to help promote community days of designing and building
  • Act as a test audience for communications written by others


  • To be part of a highly skilled team and gain experience in all aspects of playspace design and development
  • To gain experience in collaborative decision making and consultation
  • A real life commercial scale project for your folio.
  • Be part of a vibrant community and that cares for the environment
  • Opportunities to network with like-minded people


A basic induction is given to working at CERES, as well as a tour of the site and facilities. Training will be on the job with the support of the Communications and Habitat teams.

To be negotiated based on meeting and event dates

Commitment Required
A minimum of 6 months is preferred. Consistent attendance is needed to be a valuable team member.


  • Proven ability to write in an engaging approachable manner, for a variety of media including social media, power points, presentations, formal and informal reports, partnership proposals and grants applications. Please supply examples of your work.
  • Basic design and web design skills

Personal Qualities

  • Attention to detail, reliable and resourceful.
  • Commitment to CERES and its values and code of behaviour.

Required Attachments to Application

  1. A short cover letter to explain your suitability for the role
  2. Resume
  3. Examples of your work

To request this position

Fill in the volunteer application form opposite and we will respond within 2 weeks. Any issues or queries regarding your application please contact ceres@ceres.org.au, attn: Maria McConkey