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Turf Maintenance Volunteer Position Description

Background: The site maintenance team has the ongoing responsibility of maintaining buildings, infrastructure, energy, water and waste systems. The team is also involved in construction and landscaping. The position is being created to help the team handle the increasing demands placed on the site and also as an opportunity for sharing skills and strengthen our community connection.

Supervisor: Evan Humphreys

Team: The Habitat Team

Group Manager: Nick Curmi

To assist the site team in mowing and whipper snipper tasks around the CERES site

Skills / Experience & Qualities:

Fit and healthy, independent and safety conscious. Polite and respectful communication skills. Ability to follow instructions. Commitment to CERES values and code of behaviour.

Any trade, creative, artistic, social-connecting, hands on person.
Any skills or experience in turf management and maintenance of this equipment.

Specific Tasks & Duties Includes:
Lawn mowing and whipper snipping.
Maintaining small combustion engines.

Some of the benefits include learning new skills, both practical and theoretical. There is also opportunity to connect with both the CERES community and like-minded people.

Induction will be held on the starting day and training will be provided as needed to fit the different jobs.

Times / Days:
Monday 10 – 3

Commitment Required:
A minimum of three months is preferred. Consistent attendance will make it easier for the supervisor to plan the tasks in advance.