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Urban Orchard Produce Exchange
Volunteer Position Description


Urban Orchard runs a swap table for local home-grown produce. It takes place every Saturday morning at the CERES Market. CERES Market is a vibrant hub of activity and Urban Orchard adds a special dimension:

  • To provide an opportunity for people to utilise otherwise-wasted fruit, vegetables, herbs, etc.
  • To create friendships within the neighbourhood and build stronger local communities
  • To reduce green waste and pressure on landfill
  • To provide healthy in-season food for the community
  • To reduce the need to transport produce from outside the city / state / country! – less transport means less fuel burned, hence reduced pollution and greenhouse gas emissions

And for the volunteer behind the table it is a great networking opportunity to meet lots of like-minded people in the area and share information on growing food!

There is more Urban Orchard information here.

Team: Urban Orchard

Co-ordinator: April Muirden

Objectives: Urban Orchard has a roster of volunteers who attend to the Urban Orchard table one Saturday Morning each month.

Specific Tasks & Duties:

  • Bring out the table and other Urban Orchard materials for 9.30am
  • Meet people who arrive with produce
  • Arrange the produce on the table attractively
  • Answer questions about the project
  • Put away the table and other Urban Orchard materials after 12.30.


  • Access to a variety of produce;
  • Meeting like-minded local people;
  • Learning and communicating about growing food.
  • Training: One session of meeting a volunteer on a Saturday to find out how it all works

Times / Days: Saturdays 9.30am-12.30

Commitment Required: One Saturday morning a month

Skills / Experience:

  • Enthusiasm for home grown produce;
  • Desire to meet people;
  • Ability to share information;
  • Manual handling of urban orchard stall materials: including a table, sign, umbrella.


  • Moderate physical fitness (capable of lifting a lightweight table)
  • Polite interpersonal skills
  • Ability to be seated for a long period (eg. 3 hours with short breaks)

Personal Qualities:

  • Reliable – to be committed to turning up on time and or to make appropriate arrangements for cover.
  • Personable – happy to meet & greet & answer questions from visitors.
  • Commitment to CERES and its values (Environmental sustainability, social equity, cultural richness and community participation).

Probation Period: This position commences with a three month probationary period.