In April this year, La Trobe University student Alyssa Britnell travelled to Indonesia with CERES Global on our Living Oceans trip, where she engaged with our local partner organisations, built strong friendships with local enterprises, and witnessed the waste management crisis here firsthand.

Whilst travelling in Indonesia, the group were challenged by CERES Global to minimise their use of plastic by collecting all of their plastic waste. We have found that this challenge always makes our trip participants more conscious of their plastic use, and encourages them to implement environmentally sustainable practices back into their lives at home.

Law/Arts student and visual artist Alyssa has produced a beautifully reflective and informative set of writings in conjunction with her photo series, “What does waste management look like in Indonesia?”. Photographed in black and white, it starkly contrasts the vivid colours we associate with Indonesia, which affords us a reprieve from beautiful distractions and the ability to focus on the incredibly important issue highlighted in her photographs.

The below is a little sneak peak of Alyssa’s images, but we encourage you to read her entire photo series, which has been lovingly crafted as a result of her time with us in Indonesia. She has also travelled previously to Nepal, India and China to research their polluted river systems, and in these locaitons she gained a strong understanding of the impact of polluted water on local communities.

Alyssa’s immersive cultural experiences have allowed her to cultivate a passion for the environment and spread awareness of environmental issues via her art work. Her travels have led her to pursue environmental law. So appreciative of you accompanying us on this journey Alyssa.

Be inspired by Alyssa’s full photo series