Workshops and Training in September

When great things happen at CERES it is sometimes hard to contain our excitement, and it is only fair to note that it isn’t always one of our own programs being run, or seeing the results of our own hard work that gives us this sense of joy.

Many other organisations out there are also working hard to achieve a fairer, more sustainable and equitable world and sometimes they use our rooms and outside spaces to facilitate their good work.

On just one day last week we were proud to host three workshops and meetings in our purpose-built rooms, side-by-side. Teams from Regional Arts Victoria, Climate Network Australia and the Office of Adam Bandt, were all here working hard to make a difference. This is just one tiny snapshot on one day at CERES – many more organisations, schools, community groups and individuals come to visit our park every day.

Our philosophy is that people are at the heart of all successful organisations, and in order to come together and achieve the changes we want to see in the world, we all need space to think and breathe. People coming together is what can make remarkable things happen, and we are lucky enough at CERES to have a space to offer where people can come to do just that. Our rooms have lots of fresh air and natural light, we serve organic food and coffee, the popular chickens are right next door and the gardens, farm and Merri Creek all make great breakout spaces to connect with nature and each other.

We love helping dedicated organisations meet their aims by offering the ideal space to meet, strategise and connect.

Check out one of the groups making use of some nearby outdoor space to remain energised!

Busy day in the Van Raay Centre

Busy day in the Van Raay Centre

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