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Workshop: Introduction to Spiritual Ecology

This one day workshop offers an immersion into spiritual ecology through a programme of activities including; storytelling, teaching input, nature connection, reflective practice and group discussion.

Teacher: Amrita Bhohi

Dates: Saturday 15th February, 2020

Times: 10am – 5.30pm

Location: Multicultural Classroom at CERES

Prices: $180 / $120 concession

Book 1-Day Workshop

Programme Overview

  • An introduction to the worldview and principles of spiritual ecology
  • Experiential spiritual ecology practices and nature connection work
  • Exploration into Australian based and international case studies that embody spiritual ecology values.
  • Teaching input from Amrita Bhohi
  • Space for reflection and discussion around integrating spiritual ecology into your life and work.
  • Nourishing time with a community of practice

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop welcomes people of all ages, genders, sexual orientations, races, religions and spiritualities, abilities and backgrounds, and requires no prerequisite knowledge or training.

The day may be particularly relevant to environmental activists, change makers, young people and anyone interested in the transition to a world based on values of interconnectedness and reverence for life.


“We are talking only to ourselves. We are not talking to the rivers, we are not listening to the wind and stars. We have broken the great conversation. By breaking that conversation we have shattered the universe. All the disasters that are happening now are a consequence of that spiritual brokenness” – Thomas Berry

At the present time of ecological unravelling and ecocide, there is an increasing recognition that the roots of our crisis run far deeper than politics or economics.

Our current civilisation is destroying the very fabric of life upon which we depend, and this outer situation is connected to an inner crisis, caused by our fundamental worldview and attitudes towards the living earth.

We treat our forests as timber, rather than as sacred groves; our rivers as irrigation water, rather than the veins of the land; and other species as resources, rather than our relations.

In a culture transfixed by a story of materialism, individualism and human progress, we have broken our conversation with the rest of life, and to anything greater than ourselves. This story of separation is an illusion.

Therefore, for real change to emerge, a deeper shift is required. We need a spiritual revolution that can bring about a fundamental regeneration in our relationship to Earth.

“There is a revolution that needs to happen and it starts from inside each of us. We need to wake up and fall in love with the earth. Our personal and collective survival depends on it.” – Thich Naht Hanh

Spiritual ecology tells the ancient story that we do not live in a dead world, we inhabit a living world. We live upon an earth that is alive, that is suffused with soul, that is one interconnected and sacred being, to which we belong.

But what would it be like to live in this relationship of oneness with the rest of life once again? What would it be like for us to shift from domination, separation and greed, into reverence, stewardship and reciprocity? How do we step back into the circle of life?

Spiritual ecology is both an ancient and newly emerging field, based on the simple truth that life is sacred and interconnected. This understanding of the connection between spirituality and ecology, of our interdependence in the circle of life, is nothing new. These are ancient and timeless truths known to many cultures, to our ancestors, and are still alive and practiced today in some traditions in parts of the world.

Over the day together, we will take the time to cultivate this ancient and newly emerging understanding of spiritual ecology. We will explore together how we can respond from a place that is real and transformative, and contribute to reviving a sacred and interconnected world.


Amrita Bhohi
Amrita Bhohi
Amrita is a UK based spiritual ecology facilitator and educator. Her work offers experiences to reconnect people, the living world and the sacred. In 2015 she co-founded the spiritual ecology programme at St Ethelburga’s Centre for Reconciliation & Peace in London, and was instrumental in embedding young leadership and sacred activism into the organisational strategy.

She developed the UK ‘Spiritual Ecology Leadership Programme’, a training and project incubation course for emerging leaders in the next generation, exploring how to integrate spiritual values into practical action, and supporting projects through a seed funding scheme.

Amrita facilitates and teaches internationally, offering workshops, retreats and events, including in Europe, the USA and Australia.

She holds an MA in Ecological Economics from Schumacher College, and in 2013 organised TEDxWhitechapel, named as one of the most popular and radical TED events in London. She is a trustee of Hazel Hill Wood, a magical 70 acre woodland, training and retreat centre.

Amrita is currently writing a book, to be published in 2020.