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CERES Organic Grocery; our veggies have traveled metres not miles! 
Nestled on a hill, overlooking the Honey lane market garden, with Tonka trucks and olive trees for the kids to climb, we offer a unique and engaging shopping experience in inner suburban Melbourne. Have a cuppa and a treat from one of the 4 local bakeries that supply us with bread and baked goods on a Saturday morning whilst the band belts out some tunes, meet the local craft producers who sell their wares at the weekly  Makers and Flea market come rain hail or shine, the urban farmer swap table where backyard producers offer their excess goods for free, grab some eggs still warm from our Isa Brown chooks and not a plastic bag in sight. You can bring in your recycled plastic and glass jars and fill them with organic bulk foods and liquids and environmentally friendly cleaning products. Come and immerse yourself in a community space that keeps it real.
If you have eaten today, thank a farmer.
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CERES Organic

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Gig Guide

JULY    2017

SatSun & Wed

10:30am – 1pm

Local, live, morning music!

Sat       1          Karlos O’Connor & Friends Mellow home grown indie folk rap – fresh as it comes!

Sun      2          Cavies ! Electro improv duo Ayako Fuji & Stevie Richards: bamboo flute, miyake drum & alto sax

Wed    5          Peter Vadiveloo Plays original blues, gypsy & Latin songs for both thinking and feeling

Sat       8          FOTA ‘Feminist Old Time Association’ play Old Time music for everyone

Sun      9          Greg Steps & the Not For Prophets Folk lyrical beautiful folk music from  lovely locals

Wed    12        Selki Music Trio Selki’s amazing lyric, sings from the raw universe with violin & keys

Sat       15        Jesse McMormack & Sisters Merrily and Ginger Hansen Australian acoustic Celtic folk-rock

Sun      16        John Flanagan Folk & country singer musician plays fine fine fine music for us

Wed    19        Simon Eszeky Think George Benson meets Australian of Hungarian originas – a being of love sharing JAZZ JAZZ JAZZ

Sat       22        The Church of Burt aka Emma Bathgate & pals play In devotion to all things Bacharach & skank!

Sun      23         Still Water  Original folk duo sing close-knitted harmonies with mandolin, guitar & fiddle

Wed    26         Steph Brett & Dave Bramble Come share their sugar fed love with us all….

Sat       29        The Whoopeee Project  Sax, drums & rock’n’roll – letting it rip with frills & space to lean!

Sun      30        Shane French  Aussie folk rock – a down to earth music celebration in song of life in every day

To apply to play at the market, click here

bulk-buyBring in your recycled containers to refill from a large range of bulk flours, grains, rice, pulses, oils, vinegars, Environmentally friendly cleaning products and more!