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CERES Consulting is a social enterprise that provides education, training, environmental management and facilitation services for business, government and community.
We draw on 40 years’ experience in education and community development to help organisations create sustainable and connected places, communities, and a future for all.
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Our experience over 40 years at CERES has shown us that the first step towards creating a healthy Earth and culture is to repair people’s sense of separation from nature and each other.

This approach is deeply grounded in the theory of systems change. By reconnecting people to their own deeper values, a sense of belonging and connection to nature, we can create important changes in both systems and how we behave.

We will not just provide you with a report – we will activate any findings and create real change on a community level through providing education and training to support it.


  • Provide training programs and learning modules in sustainability & environmental topics tailored to organisation and community needs.
  • Topics include: Food, Water, Biodiversity, Climate Change, Energy, Waste, Regenerative Living, Urban Agriculture and Best Practice Environmental Management.


  • Conduct site assessments and provide recommendations based on green infrastructure and horticultural best practice.
  • Plan and design community gardens and green infrastructure.


  • Facilitate community visioning and skill-sharing workshops.
  • Conduct community and stakeholder consultations.
  • Provide advice and planning for community development, engagement and placemaking.


  • Measure and analyse baselines for environmental and sustainability goals
  • Identify key areas for improvement on-site and across the organisation (Energy, Water, Waste, Materials, Greenhouse gas emissions).
  • Assist in setting feasible and practical targets for monitoring and evaluation.
  • Provide advice for environmental management planning and policies.
  • Demonstrate and research environmental best practice examples.


  • Provide strategic planning and advice for social enterprise development
  • Demonstrate best practice models for social enterprise.

Jane Burns
Consulting Director

Jane leads the team, and is a subject matter expert in sustainability education and environmental change. She provides behaviour change and environmental management services to schools, businesses and community organisations.

Emmanuelle Delomenede
Project Consultant

Emmanuelle specializes in the environmental impact assessment of buildings. She has worked previously as a Sustainability Consultant, providing design and operational advice to building owners. Emmanuelle joined CERES in 2015, supporting schools on whole to embed sustainability through the world-leading ResourceSmart Schools government program.

Grace WY. Mui
Research & Project Consultant

Grace holds a Masters of Environment, specialising in the impacts of climate change and the environment on health and wellbeing. She is also very passionate about creating sustainable communities. Grace brings 4 + years experience working in science communication, and applying her tertiary qualifications to businesses and not for profit organisations.


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