Corporate Partnerships

If your business is looking to invest in people and planet, CERES offers many avenues to service an end-to-end partnership.

CERES is a registered charity with ACNC, holds DGR-1 Status, and is a proud non-profit partner of 1% for the Planet.

Make a donation

If you’re looking to identify the best way you can support CERES, we always welcome a financial contribution. You’ll be helping us keep the lights on, remain an accessible space for our community, and build our capacity to deliver on our impact areas.

Corporate Volunteering

Boost staff engagement by hosting a farm experience day at CERES. They’ll roll up their sleeves to help keep our Brunswick East park looking beautiful for the community, contribute to our 40 year legacy, and gain invaluable growing knowledge. 

Workplace Giving

Workplace donations are deducted from your salary before tax, potentially reducing your taxable income without having to wait until the end of the financial year to claim the benefit. 

To donate regularly to CERES, simply ask your payroll department to deduct a nominated amount from your pre-tax salary each pay period. A regular donation is one of the most powerful ways to support CERES, as it enables us to plan effectively and remain financially resilient. 

Host your next off-site day at CERES

Get some headspace by booking your next off-site day with your team at CERES. Our meeting rooms are surrounded by gardens, only metres from our two cafes, and have great break-out spaces if you’re wanting to head outdoors for a different pace. 

We can help by taking care of the catering, and if you’re looking to connect to the gardens and farm, add on a few hours of corporate volunteering or a tour to your day.

Hear from our Corporate Partners:

corporate partner
“We volunteered at the community environment park to learn more about what CERES does and how it’s making a difference for the greater community and environment. It was also a fantastic opportunity for us to get our hands dirty, enjoy being outdoors for a day and reconnecting with the environment.”


“Curbing climate change requires good education and living sustainably day in, day out. As such, we’re so grateful that CERES is committed to operating and educating at a grassroots level in our very own local community. The work that CERES does is as inspiring as it is joyful. Supporting CERES, and in turn their projects, is a great way for us to contribute positively to our local environment and community, and will hopefully help CERES have an enduring impact. “

Green Sheep Collective

If you’re interested in a confidential discussion about Partnership Opportunities, send us an email.
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