CERES is proudly 92% self-funded through our social enterprises and education services. Our partners work with us to assist in delivering on our impact areas of building healthy ecosystems, resilient communities, regenerative food systems and local wellbeing economies. Partners provide support in different ways including via grants, donations, freemium services, probono offerings and in-kind support.


Major Supporters

Tony Morton
Anne Coulson
Brendan Kissane and Irene Lawson
Chris Grose
Crina Virgona Virgona
Heather Barr
John & Marsha Merory
Josephine Barraket
Kat Brazenor
Leslie Glick KC
Lucas Turner
Lynette Moore
Michael Agar
Michael Kane
Rosaleen Conroy
Simon Watters
Tahl Kestin

Corporate Partnerships

Working with CERES presents you and your team with a unique opportunity to be connected to real world systems change whilst being able to boost your employee engagement. Roll up your sleeves and join us for a day of corporate volunteering, or support us with workplace giving.

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