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CERES Organic Market and grocery; our veggies have traveled meters not miles! 
Nestled on a hill, overlooking the Honey lane market garden, with Tonka trucks and an olive tree for the kids to climb, we offer a unique and engaging shopping experience in inner suburban Melbourne. Smell the biodynamic sausages cooking and have a cuppa on a Saturday morning whilst the band belts out some tunes, meet the local craft producers who sell their wares on a Saturday morning come rain hail or shine, the urban farmer swap table where backyard producers offer their excess goods for free, grab some eggs still warm from our Isa Brown chooks and not a plastic bag in sight. You can bring in your recycled plastic and glass jars and fill them with organic bulk foods and liquids and environmentally friendly cleaning products. Come and immerse yourself in a community space that keeps it real.
If you have eaten today, thank a farmer.

Opening Hours
Mon-Fri 9am-4pm
Sat-Sun 9am-2pm

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                                                     NOVEMBER Gig Guide

                        CERES Organic Market & Shop…Melbourne’s sweetest gig!

                                       Kids, grandmas and families all welcome 

Live music underneath the grape vines.

                                                    Saturday 10am – 12:30pm

                                                   Sunday 10:30am – 1pm

                                                   Wednesday 10am – 12:30pm

SUN   1      Northside Blues Assembly Trio led by Alestair James phsyco jazz man

WED  4      Eamon McNellis: Jazz trumpeter & pals let it roll like jelly!

SAT    7      BBC: Brunswick Bluegrass Collective lead by Gus McMillan (Bluegrassy Knowles legend)

SUN   8      Sound of Stav: Soulful grooves & uplifting jazz –  vox, guitar, violin & double bass

WED  11    Mitch Brown: Plays Aussie outlaw toons – foot tapping & heart pumping

SAT    14    Papa Chango: Ethiopian Jazz at its best with a groove to make you move

SUN   15    Tully Sumner Trio: Folk tinged blues with spicy toppings of worldly flavours

WED  18    Sam Lawrence: Singer songwriter plays raw songs from his heart to ours

SAT    21    Tommy Castles: Ripping psychedelic blues, multi instrumental mayhem & sweet songs

SUN   22    Louisa Wise: Folk fiddle player & singer with be playing with friend Jim Green

WED  25    Emily Connors & Flick: Aussie songwriter shares her stories of life & freedom

SAT    28    The Collingwood Casanovas: Early jazz & country led by Grant Arthur

SUN   29    The Church of Burt: Bacharach world order by Emma Bathgate, Simo Eszeky & Dan Witton

bulk-buyBring in your recycled containers to refill from a large range of bulk flours, grains, rice, pulses, oils, vinegars, Environmentally friendly cleaning products and more!



The Makers & Flea Market has been re-named ‘TREASURE EXCHANGE’ market@ceres

The market will operate every Saturday from 9am-2pm (excluding public holidays).
TREASURE EXCHANGE will promote stallholders with:
– recycled and vintage clothing
– home wares
– bric a brac
– small producers of local art and craft
– local flower growers

To register or for any inquiries relating to ‘TREASURE EXCHANGE’

Email Nat
Apply here