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3000acres joined CERES in 2022, and works with local organisations to create a social movement that strengthens our food system and builds community connection.

We provide community garden design and facilitation services and run events and community food festivals across Melbourne. Community engagement is our specialty. We work with Councils, Community Groups and Businesses to empower and connect local communities through food and culture.

Who are we

Melissa Lawson, Farm & Food Systems Director
Melissa oversees a wide range of interrelated food system activities at CERES, including everything from building commercial kitchens to helping start the Propagation enterprise; from making coffees, to wrangling chickens. Alongside this, Melissa develops and implements training programs and enterprises around urban food systems, with a particular focus on engaging marginalised people.

Merrin Layden, Community Food Systems Manager
Merrin is passionate about providing guidance and support to communities seeking ways to come together to grow and share food. Merrin is a subject matter expert in local community food systems, communal food growing design and community gardens guidelines and policy. Merrin’s favourite time of year is our Olives to Oil Festival – where people from all across Melbourne harvest backyard olives to be pressed communally into delicious olive oil and come together to celebrate with music and culture.

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If you would like to learn more about 3000acres or Olives to Oil Festival visit their website:

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