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Help shape the next 40 years of CERES by leaving a bequest in your will. Your gift will ensure that we can continue to inspire everyone to fall in love with the earth again. 

Discussions around the dinner table about a gift in your will (also known as a bequest) might be uncommon but is a passionate topic for some. For Brunswick locals Christopher Baker and Kerri Hall, it was something they cared deeply about.

“Christopher was passionate about the role of philanthropy in creating prosperous, connected, and cohesive communities, particularly for his community in Melbourne’s inner north. His life exemplified the values of integrity, generosity, and a commitment to social justice. Before he died in 2020, Christopher gave detailed attention to the aspirations and purpose of his fund, knowing he would be leaving this legacy for others to carry on,’’ Inner North Community Foundation Executive Officer Ben Rodgers said.

Among other gifts to the Inner North Community Foundation, The Social Studio and Abbotsford Convent, Christopher made a $50,000 contribution to the CERES Fund at the Inner North Community Foundation. 

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The Foundation now uses ethical investment to perpetually grant CERES the dividends from this investment, without drawing down the capital. For an organisation like CERES that has been part of the fabric of Brunswick for 40 years, it’s a gift like this means we’ll still be part of the fabric of Brunswick in another 40 years. 

“Christopher knew that sometimes the biggest gift a person would make is the one they never got to see,’’ Ben said. ‘By giving to CERES Fund at the Foundation, Christopher and Kerri knew that their generous gift would keep giving, year after year’.  

There’s more information on the CERES sub-fund here, or for those interested in looking into changing the wording of their will. 


If you’d like more information please contact Ben Manassah from CERES at ben.manassah@ceres.org.au au or on 0412 448 390. 

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