The Bike Shed

The Bike Shed

The Bike Shed is a community group run by volunteers. Currently bikes are refurbished by volunteers and sold to the public at an affordable price.

The Bike Shed is located inside the Park in Brunswick East, it’s a place to donate old bikes that will be repaired and resold to avoid waste. The Bike Shed is run entirely by volunteers and open to the public on Saturday.

To learn more about when to donate your bike, how to get involved, and see their latest updates visit their website.

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Open for bike sales:
Saturday 11am – 4pm
Thursday 1pm – 6pm
Lee St, Brunswick East,
VIC 3057

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Haroon KhalidHaroon Khalid
06:06 21 Nov 20
Extremely friendly staff
Great selection of bikes for super cheap. It gets pretty busy here and there are only so many volunteers, so try to go at a good time or be patient and remember everyone here is literally volunteering there time. It's ran very well; Duncan and all the volunteers are incredibly helpful. Got an insanely good deal on an absolutely amazing bike.Thefts aren't uncommon, so be mindful of your bike.
Xara FiascoXara Fiasco
02:23 23 Feb 20
THE best place around to learn how to fix your bike! The volunteers are very very knowledgeable, approachable and awesome. I highly recommend getting there by 11am as it can get crowded on weekends. But all up an incredibly satisfying. illuminating and brilliant learning experience. I wish I could give more stars as it's a great example of community helping, learning and teaching.
Anton AllenAnton Allen
05:16 04 Jan 20
One of my favourite places in Melbourne. All the tools and parts you need to fix your bike, and people who''ll show you how to use them. It gets busy in the afternoon and you might have to wait a while if you need a volunteer to help you, first thing in the morning is probably a better bet if you need help.
Adam MuzurAdam Muzur
23:58 17 Dec 19
Great place. Lots of unique communal tools for older bikes--some that many bike shops won't have. Super friendly volunteers who will show you how things work. It's not a free bike service, but a learn how to fix it yourself.It brings together a nice community of like minded people and has a great vibe. I will definitely be coming back.
Eli NoreEli Nore
05:57 06 Oct 19
I went here with a friend to fix some issues we were having with our bikes: she needed to put new brake pads on her bike and I wanted to remove mud guards and adjust my brakes.When we arrived it was clearly very busy and all of the volunteers were occupied helping people.Luckily there was a sign that said to speak to the manager so, asking around, we managed to find Duncan.Duncan was extremely helpful and patient. He let us know that it may take a while until someone could help us as they were quite busy.In the end end we only waited about 10 minutes, if that, until Duncan came and helped us.I can see why some people have expressed disappointment with the service they received. We did notice one volunteer who was particularly friendly but not very helpful. However, I think it is unfair to expect a professional level of service from a place that is fully staffed by volunteers and receiving as many clients as this place does.I found the experience enriching. I got to know my local community better, in a lovely setting and not only did I fix the issues I had with my bike, I also learnt a tonne about my bike in the process.
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