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Honey Lane Market Garden

From the CERES market area you can look over the fence at the Honey Lane Market Garden and see where some of the food you are buying was grown and harvested. That’s zero food miles! Honey Lane is set on half an acre of land and contains a beautiful mix of fruit trees and raised garden beds, worm farms, a propagation area and an outdoor classroom. We plant organic seedlings propagated by our Propagation team. The organic produce grown on at our market gardens is harvested and available for purchase at the CERES Organic Market. All of our produce is certified organic by NASAA, a leading Australian and International organic certifier. Honey Lane is also home to over 200 gregarious Isa brown laying hens which are run in two flocks and are called either Hazel and Loulou, a Bee group and a Food Forest group each made up of passionate community members. Honey Lane Market Garden is a multiple use garden set up for farm education as well as food and seedling production. Thousands of school children pass through Honey Lane each year to learn about sustainable food production, reconnect with the earth and literally get their hands dirty.

Volunteer at Honey Lane

Each week volunteers help our resident farmer with planting, harvesting and maintaining the market garden area. It is a great opportunity to get your hands dirty, learn about organics and connect to a thriving community organisation. At the moment we have enough volunteers helping out. But if you are interested in volunteering keep checking our volunteer page for updates on when positions become available again.

Also look out for other volunteering opportunities with our Propagation team or at our Merri Creek Market Garden.

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