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The CERES Propagation Enterprise was created in 2004 by CERES farm staff who recognised the need for local, organically grown vegetable and herb seedlings. In their own time, working as volunteers, they created a small growing area at the bottom of Honey Lane Market Garden in order to provide CERES market gardens and the retail nursery on site with healthy, pesticide free, certified organic, open-pollinated plants and seedlings. CERES Propagation has steadily grown and now employs three part time staff who, in turn, are supported by a dedicated team of volunteers. Together we propagate and grow a wide range of heirloom vegetables, herbs, rare edibles as well as local indigenous plants and natives.  All of our plants and seedlings are certified organic by NAASA.

Volunteer in propagation

Each week volunteers provide the propagation team with help in all aspects of the enterprise from sowing seed to general maintenance.

New volunteers are always welcome. For more information on volunteering head to the volunteer page.