No eye-gouging vegetable garnishes included here! Just good old fashioned delicious.


45ml rosemary vodka*
Celery salt
15ml lemon juice
15ml worcestershire sauce
3 dashes of fermented chilli sauce
20ml kraut juice
Tomato juice to fill


Wipe a lemon slice around the top of your glass, roll the rim in some celery salt then fill with ice.
Add rosemary vodka, lemon juice, worcestershire sauce, fermented hot sauce, half the tomato juice and the liquid from a batch of sauerkraut or kimchi (depending on how ravenous you’re feeling!) then stir vigorously. 
Add the rest of the tomato juice and garnish with the lemon slice and a big sprig of rosemary.
*Rosemary vodka: Fill a bottle with vodka, add as much rosemary as you can fit and leave in a cupboard for 3 weeks – that’s it!
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