program areas

CERES helps people fall in love with the Earth through work in our five areas:

We are a home for nature and people

We care for our places and foster experiences of belonging through our Staff and Volunteers, Members, Board, Site Groups, Places, and Venue Operations.


We are a school for discovery and learning

We facilitate discovery and learning for all ages through our School of Nature and Climate, which includes Student Programs, Teacher Programs, and Adult Learning Programs.


We are a farm with our hands in the earth

We support a more regenerative food system through  Honey Lane Farm, Joe’s Market Garden, Microgreens, Community Garden, and our growers and suppliers.


We are a market for purposeful trade

We are building a market for purposeful trade through our Nursery, Fair Food, Grocery, Bakery, Merri Cafe, Fair Wood, Consulting, and by supporting SENVIC.


We are a story of change and hope

We share stories of change and hope through our Communications, Events, Consulting and Partnerships.
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