Three ways to create better team culture and achieve your goals

Three ways to create better team culture and achieve your goals

How can you bring your team closer together to create a better culture and reach your organisational goals?

When finally all the team is back together after the holidays, many people set their intentions for how to work better together. In challenging and uncertain times we have become more aware of how much we need each other, and how a good workplace culture is vital not only for mental health but is also key to the success of any organisation.

1. Connect with each other

Humans are inherently social creatures – we perform better when we work together to achieve a common goal. Whilst working from home provides undeniable benefits and flexibility for employees, there is still great value to be found in connecting with people in real life. If you’re looking to maximise those days you spend in person with your colleagues, and foster stronger relationships and team cohesion, then opportunities to collaborate rather than compete are shown to be most beneficial.

At CERES, we can tailor your volunteering to the kind of offsite day you are looking to run, whether it be an education session after lunch, rolling up the sleeves or spending the whole day outdoors. Allow us to take care of the admin, so you can focus on what’s important: connecting with each other.

2. Get into Nature

There is a growing body of evidence demonstrating the wellbeing benefits of connecting with nature. If we didn’t already know it in our bones, many studies suggest that maintaining a strong connection with nature is vital to humans’ health and wellbeing. Moreover, we need to connect with the earth in order to understand the value of protecting it, as we face the increasing challenges of a changing climate. So this year, whether as businesses or individuals, simply by engaging more with the natural world we can benefit ourselves, our teams and our planet.

Located on the banks of the Merri Creek, at CERES your volunteering activities will be immersed in our gorgeous natural surrounds, featuring local native wildlife and possibly some of our friendly resident chooks.

Corporate volunteering at CERES provides the perfect opportunity for your team to make a positive contribution to the local community and the planet, and strengthen your company’s resume.

3. Gain a fresh perspective

Offsite days can be an opportunity to create fresh thinking by working together in a different environment. In addition to contributing your time to social and environmental organisations who really need it, lots of volunteer organisations now offer the opportunity for teams to focus on their own work as part of the day. Offsite days provide the perfect opportunity for work teams to get out of the office, yet remain connected to each other much more meaningfully than through online meetings and emails.

When you volunteer as a group at CERES on our Farm Immersive package, we take care of everything, from catering and venue hire, to education workshops by our world-class farm facilitators, allowing you and the team to leave the day with innovative ideas and a new perspective on how you will achieve your own goals.

 CERES provides Corporate Volunteering opportunities year-round to help you achieve these intentions. To find out more information and make a booking click here.

Corporate Volunteering at CERES

By volunteering at CERES, you can bring the team together for some sunshine, roll up your sleeves and help your local environmental charity.

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