CERES is a unique landmark that features urban farming, community gardens, rustic outdoor spaces, unusual buildings and pockets of lush green bush. We have four hectares of land on the main CERES site, plus another hectare at Joe’s Garden approximately one kilometre north along the Merri Creek.

Please fill in the form below to request permission to film or take photographs within CERES.

  • Please note: CERES' brand, including signage, posters and merchandise, as well as distinctive features specific to CERES' landscape must not be visible in any footage obtained. Please see Australian Consumer Law section 29, which protects CERES from organisations making a false or misleading representation that the goods or service being promoted have the endorsement of CERES.

CERES visitor centre

Open Monday to Sunday
9am – 12.30pm
Corner of Roberts & Stewart Streets, Brunswick East, VIC 3057
(03) 9389 0100
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