New Solar Projects More Than Double Our Generating Capacity

New Solar Projects More Than Double Our Generating Capacity

On Friday 2 November 2019, the third installation of new solar was completed at CERES. With panels on the Merri Cafe, the Human Powered Classroom and the Grocery & Chook Shed, this is an additional 45kW of generating potential – more than doubling our previously existing solar infrastructure at Brunswick East!

Human Powered Classroom

9.24 kW solar system:
10kW Solar Edge inverter
28 LG 330 NEON2 panels
28 P404 DC optimisers

The LG panels are considered among the best panels available on the market, and with the longest guarantee of 25 years. This system also has optimizers installed on each panel that deals with the issue of shading. When one panel is shaded only that panel loses efficiency the rest of the panels continue working. This will address expected issues of shading from the large gum in the Nursery.

chook house & grocery

22.2kW solar system:
25Kw Solar Edge inverter
74 300W Q Cell panels
74 P350C DC optimisers

This installation is the largest of the three, with a few extra hoops to jump through to achieve it: rebuilding an over-filled switchboard, setting up a temporary electricity supply for the day to keep the Grocery operational, and strengthening the roof structure to take the weight of the panels. All worth it for a great result! Early results of data show the new PV on the Grocery roof satisfies more than half of the electricity demand in that area.


13.5kW solar system:
15kW Solar Edge inverter
45 300W Q Cell panels
45 P350C DC optimisers

This system has a device to limit export to the grid. Adjacent to the inverter (which is mounted on the southern timber wall of the Merri in the undercover area) is the grid protection device, an additional piece of technology to protect the grid from an unexpected voltage surge.

CERES is committed to reducing our carbon emissions by 40% by 2020 and 100% by 2025. We plan to achieve this through increased solar generation, purchasing green power, and a range of demand management strategies.

This installation of 45kW of new solar will significantly support our ability to achieve our zero emission target and help us save up to 57,105kg of carbon dioxide per annum. Connecting people to the Earth and each other will soon be powered by the sun.

John Laing Charitable Trust was a major donor to these solar projects, and CORENA supported us with an interest free loan, to be repaid from savings on power bills. We could not have achieved this without their generous support.

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