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CERES Permaculture & Bushfood Nursery

CERES Permaculture and Bushfood Nursery provides a unique experience for all who visit. As a Permaculture nursery our aim is to encourage backyard food production. Whether you have room for a food forest or simply a window box for herbs we supply a vast array of plants to grow and enjoy in your garden, as well as providing the knowledge and support to do so. The nursery is a place to relax, and take positive action towards creating a better world. Planting a beautiful, healthy and productive garden filled with food is one of the most creative and peaceful ways to sustain individual and planetary health.

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What we stock

What we don’t stock says as much about us as what we do stock!

We keep sundries to a minimum and do not stock conventional pesticides and herbicides, growth hormones and inorganic fertilisers.

We sell certified organic potting mix, fertilisers and pesticides

We stock bulk fish and seaweed fertilisers so you can bring your own container and fill up.

We sell only fine gauge bird-netting to avoid wildlife entanglement

We do not sell sphagnum moss or mushroom kits containing sphagnum (peat) moss.

We have a used pot crate for customers to take second hand pots from to reduce the number of new plastic pots being used.


For those wishing to expand their knowledge of organic gardening, our comprehensive selection of books cover many topics including Permaculture, soil health, fruit and vegetable gardening, organic pest and disease control, chicken care, native and bushfood plants, biodynamic gardening, companion planting and much more.