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Work at CERES

All current vacancies at CERES are listed here. If no positions are showing then please check back another time.

CERES Nursery Manager

CERES Nursery is recognised as a highly professional and innovative social enterprise offering a memorable experience to CERES visitors with its’ personal and caring approach to customer service.  The Nursery is extremely popular within the community and is setting a standard in providing a sustainable alternative to the mainstream nursery industry. The Nursery Manager’s key responsibility is to work with the Nursery staff to lead and oversee the continued development of the Nursery. Key roles include being responsible for hiring, training, delegating and supervising all Nursery staff; coordinating purchasing and stock management; managing and reporting against the Nursery’s annual budget; supervising daily operations and rostering.


Volunteer Positions

In addition to our 130 paid staff, CERES offers many volunteer opportunities. Volunteer roles are a great way to get to know the community, and we could not achieve everything we aim to do without the support of our wonderful community of volunteers!

Volunteer positions are listed here

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